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Top 10 useful Mobile Apps for every lazy person

Laziness is a complicated problem that we face as individuals. This article will present 10 useful Mobile Apps actionable solutions for beating laziness in yourself and minimizing it in the organizations and communities to which you contribute.

Here is how you know you are a lazy person – you cannot get up to work out. Hell, you cannot even go for a mild jog. While eating pizza and watching your favorite TV show might feel like the ultimate dream, it will make your body grow wider and wider, if you aren’t careful.

Of course, a good motivation from a friend or a personal trainer would work, but friends are often too busy to help us out every day, and personal trainers are way too expensive.

Enter Pact. The app uses money as bait for you to work out. You make a weekly pact to exercise – if you reach the goal, other Pact members pay you. But if you don’t reach the goal, you have to pay other Pact members. Working out and getting paid for it – Life cannot get better than this. Are you tired of answering the endless questions that life throws at you?



Should I go to Taco Bell or Mc Donald’s?

Should I swipe left or right?

Who should I vote for?

The Decider app will help you answer all these questions. But it doesn’t just give you a random answer, you have to input pros and cons for both options, and then the app calculates the best answer while keeping the bigger picture in mind. Even though the app is pretty smart, it can only handle Yes/No questions, for now, so try to keep your questions as simple as possible.



The top reason why most of us take an Uber even when we have a car is that we don’t want to spend an hour trying to find a parking space. Download Luxe and you will never have to worry about finding a parking space even if it’s the weekend.

Luxe provides you with a personal valet who takes your car from you and finds a legal parking spot for the car while you enjoy your day. When you are done, just call them up, and they will get you your car wherever you are. The valets can also get your car washed or refuel it for a small additional charge.


Cry Translator

Parents have often wished there was a magical app that could translate frustrating, and often vexing, baby cries into simple statements like ‘hungry’, ‘needs diaper change’, or ‘just plain bored’. That would really save parents a lot of sleepless nights. If only there was such thing. Oh wait, there actually is an app like that. Biloop Technologic, S.L. created an award-winning app (as per their iTunes description) they called Cry Translator.

The app is currently downloadable for $6.99 and a certain mom, Patty said, “It makes parenting easier” and “Peace has returned to our home.” If that didn’t convince you, we don’t know what will. Who are you to argue with Patty? Clinical research and testing were done in a pediatric hospital somewhere in Spain, and results show a staggering 96% of babies stopped crying with the help of the Cry Translator.


Water Your Body

We sometimes forget things like keys, wallets, birthdays, and deadlines. But there’s this one thing that is so important you’ll die without it in three days, and no, we’re not talking about Facebook. You won’t last a day without that, anyway. We’re actually talking about drinking water. Apparently, thirst is not a good indicator of how much our water intake should be. A reminder from Water Your Body, on the other hand, is.


Voted as the #1 water app on iTunes (because…there’s more than one, apparently?), Water Your Body is designed to help you drink more agua every day. The apps cost $1.39 and if you don’t want to spend that money for an app that reminds you to drink water, just call your mom. She’ll be happy to remind you for free.



The BroApp has one purpose, and that is to keep bros in and girlfriends out happy. Men’s Health described it as “outsourcing your relationship.” This clever app schedules automated messages to your girlfriend.

It’s so loyal that if you’re girlfriend tries to access the app, it will hide your dirty little secret by showing up a fake list of gifts you plan to buy her instead. It was released originally with a price, but it’s free to download now, so the only cost is your dignity and any semblance of class you may have previously had.


 Doctor On Demand

Do you have a nasty hangover now? Instead of wasting hours at the physician’s office, why not bring the doctor to you? A 21st-century house call, Doctors On Demand provides live video visits for $49 each, complete with assessment and diagnosis, as well as prescriptions, when necessary. With a dozen experts on hand (including three psychologists), the app is aimed at sufferers of cold and flu symptoms, allergies, sports injuries, UTIs, anxiety, and depression, among other conditions. Remember to check whether Doctors On Demand works with your health insurance plan.


Owning a dog is a beautiful thing, a relationship of love and trust that is valuable for human and animal alike. But who has the time or energy to walk the damn thing? Enter Swifto, which gets people to take your dog out for their daily exercise (and bathroom break) and lets you track the whole thing with GPS. Yes, you can watch a little icon move around on a map and pretend that you’re out there romping with your hound and using him to pick up girls, but you never have to touch another poop bag.


Finding people to do your chores can be tiring. Let’s have a drink, shall we? But don’t walk to the bar. Open the Thirstie app for on-demand alcohol. Simply choose your favorite bottles, or discover new ones, and select a delivery window—from one hour to one day. The digital butler/sommelier/mixologist currently delivers to most areas in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, and Toronto. Everyone else can tap into the mail-order service for delivery in fewer than three days.

Is It Dark Outside?

Have you ever slept all afternoon and when you finally wake up you cannot figure out if it’s dark outside or not?

Why walk up to the window or balcony to check if it’s dark outside when an app can do that for you?

Is it dark outside? is an app which answers the most profound question in this universe that has plagued our ancestors and us for eons.

The app uses your GPS location to determine your exact city and then it searches for the current sunrise and sunset time for that location to check if it is really dark outside or not.


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