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Amazon ‘Local Finds’ for Buying, Selling Products Launched in India

On Friday Amazon India launched a new feature called Local Finds. Users can sell or buy new or used goods from their own city.Some of the app users have received a notification regarding Local Finds sighting that they can sell and buy new and used goods in their city by Amazon.

The local feature does not seem to roll out to all the users most of the users didn’t receive notification. You can visit Amazon Local Find website here. You can find the Local store by Visiting Amazon India website and search in the main search bar.

Local Find Categories

Amazon Local find

There are 10 categories available right now Books, Mobiles, Tablets, Video games, Mobile covers, Movies, Jewellery, Clothing, Home, and Music.

Under the Books section, you will find a number of books in the city that your default address is if you click on that title you can buy a new book or a secondhand book.When you choose a secondhand book you will see local sellers only.The list shows you the condition of the book and users can inspect it before buying them.

On the other side, Jewellery category showed us a new item. This section shows you the Jewellery from designers in your city.  Jewellery is divided into subcategories like earrings, bangles, necklaces and so on. You can list your own items and set your own store

Users can set up their own store to sell products on Local finds.To create a store you have to choose a category and then you have to add a photo after adding that you have to give some additional details like the condition of the books, Contact details, Price.Then the listing goes live on Amazon  Local finds.

Amazon says that “If someone places an order, Amazon will come to pick up your product, pack it and ship it, and you will receive your payment within a week”

Visit Amazon Local Finds


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