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Android O will officially launch on August 21, on the day of Solar Eclipse

Google has confirmed that it will reveal the Android O name on August 21 after the Solar Eclipse in the US and Time (EST) which is around 12.10 AM for India. Google has the full blog post and teaser video up for the Android O launch. It also looks like the company is causing some confusion around the final name.Google will have a live stream from New York, which will start at 2.40 pm Eastern Stand

A countdown to the big event is already live on the Android website. Google’s teaser site mentions, “On August 21st, a solar eclipse will sweep across the entire United States for the first time since 1918. Android is helping you experience this historic natural phenomenon so you can learn more about the eclipse and count down to the big day—when you’ll meet the next release of Android and all of its super (sweet) new powers, revealed via live stream from New York City at 2:40 PM ET.

Now it was leaked earlier that Google will reveal the Android O name on August 21. But the confusion continues over the final name. According to a 9to5Google post, Google first uploaded a video for the August 21 reveal date where the file name was GoogleOreo_Teaser. Later this post got deleted and the file name was changed to Octopus, which also get deleted.

The name was then changed to OatMealCookie Teaser. But that didn’t last either. Currently, the file name reads Orbit_Teaser_0818.mp4. So which one will it be? Looks like Google wants to play this game for some more time.

What do you think?Will it be Android Oreo or Oatmeal Cookie? Or something totally different?


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