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How To Charge Smartphone Faster

Charging your smartphone frequently is frustrating. It doesn’t last throughout the day without charging multiple times if you are above average user

But don’t worry, there are some tweaks that can make your smartphone charge faster, Here are the Six android charging tips to charge your smartphone faster


1.Switch on to Airplane mode or flight mode

Another way to charge your battery faster is by enabling Airplane mode/Flight mode. This stops all the background services like Wifi, Bluetooth, Location Tracker, Gps. You can switch Wifi after enabling Airplane Mode in case if you need Wifi

2.Switch off your Android phone

This is the best trick ever made, switching off the mobile will shut down all background usage of apps and network services. When you switch off your mobile there will be no apps which consume battery

4.Charge with your Default  Charger

Do not use third party charger for charging they, not only damage smartphone but also the battery. people tend to use other companies charger which is having same volt capacity.

My suggestion is to avoid charging your smartphones with other company charger.

So, charge your mobile with company certified charger. Use electric sockets to charge your devices rather than going for laptop USB charging or using power banks. This is because the laptop USB and power banks give different voltage output which may not be suitable for mobile charging and can damage your phone in many ways.

5.Set screen out time to be shorter

Set the screen ‘timeout’ for shortest amount possible like 30 seconds or 15 sec(For iPhone: Settings, General, Auto-Lock).

6.Turn off location services

Turn off location services unless you are using GPS so they aren’t constantly monitoring your phone’s location (and simultaneously draining your battery life).


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