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Google’s Gboard App for iOS now supports YouTube and Maps Integration

Byte: Google’s  Gboard app has been updated with an integration of YouTube which makes sharing of video links much easier than before and Google maps. Users can easily share their Locations directly from Gboard. Apart from this major update Google also integrated Doodle feature to its IOS users. Apart from this Google has added Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi languages to it Gboard.


Google Gboard
                                               Google Gboard

YouTube tab in Gboard will let you search and share any video in a chat without switching to YouTube app and copy the link of the video. The video search results are displayed in a card carousel format with options to play and share, where tapping on the former will redirect you to the main YouTube app while the latter will simply share the video in the chat. You can also tap on the G icon and then go to the YouTube tab to see some video suggestions as well


Google tab in Gboard will let you share users location easily without switching to other apps, Users can also share the location of famous places and suggest places in the Gboard app itself, Of course, the locations sent will open in the Maps app if you have it installed, or else a web page will open.


Lastly, the Doodle feature will let you scribble anything and send it as it is across chats. To draw, you need to hit the emoji button on the Gboard, where you will find a pen icon at the bottom. Tap it and you’re good to go




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