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Java 9 features with examples and Improvements

Java 9 has been finally released by Oracle. Programming enthusiasts would be pretty relieved Java 9 Standard Edition was previously delayed due to modularity controversy.

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Java 9 Features with Examples


Java 9 REPL (JShell)

Oracle Corp has introduced a new tool called “jshell”. It stands for Java Shell and also known as REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop). It is used to execute and test any Java Constructs like class, interface, enum, object, statements etc. very easily.With this new style of writing Java code, you can write and test small snippets of code quickly and easily. JShell will compile and run the code there and then.

Stream API enhancements

In Java SE 9, Oracle Corp has added four useful new methods to java.util.Stream interface. As Stream is an interface, all those new implemented methods are default methods. Two of them are very important: dropWhile and takeWhile methods

If you are familiar with Scala Language or any Functions programming language, you will definitely know about these methods.

HTTP 2 Client

Java 9 features list is incomplete without the mention of new HTTP/2 and WebSocket. It’ll improve web page loading times, performance, and reduce resource usage.They are going to introduce new HTTP 2 Client API under “” package. It supports both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 protocols. It supports both Synchronous (Blocking Mode) and Asynchronous Modes. It supports Asynchronous Mode using WebSocket API.

Мulti-Resolution Image API

MultiResolutionImage encapsulates a set of images with different Height and Widths (that is different resolutions) and allows us to query them with our requirements.

Module System

One of the big changes or java 9 feature is the Module System. Oracle Corp is going to introduce the following features as part of Jigsaw Project.

  • Modular JDK
  • Modular Java Source Code
  • Modular Run-time Images
  • Encapsulate Java Internal APIs
  • Java Platform Module System

Before Java SE 9 versions, we are using Monolithic Jars to develop Java-Based applications. This architecture has lot of limitations and drawbacks. To avoid all these shortcomings, Java SE 9 is coming with Module System.

Other Java 9 Features

  • GC (Garbage Collector) Improvements
  • Stack-Walking API
  • Filter Incoming Serialization Data
  • Deprecate the Applet API
  • Indify String Concatenation
  • Enhanced Method Handles
  • Java Platform Logging API and Service
  • Compact Strings
  • Parser API for Nashorn
  • Javadoc Search
  • HTML5 Javadoc



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  1. Java developers may be aware that Java 9 brings a new approach to code modularity, the release seems not to have captured the same enthusiasm as we saw for Java 8. Site content are really awesome , keep sharing.

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