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5 Reasons To Learn Coding For Every Digital Marketer To enhance Business Growth

A basic understanding and appreciation of coding are very useful in this day and age where omnichannel, integrated communications is best practice. I’m not saying every marketer should double as a software developer. But here are five reasons why learning how to code should at least pique their interests a bit:

 More Sales

By tweaking landing pages by using HTML and CSS which is very easy to learn and use will give you a boost in sales and the number of subscribers without actually being dependent on others. Coding can help in better development in the landing pages and more important pages of the website. Landing pages are the most important part of the website as they are directly responsible for generating more sales and subscribers to the website.

“Educate” your stakeholders on UX, SEO, and other acronyms

As digital marketers, we often have to report to others who might not share our creative vision. For agency types, they’re called clients. For in-house managers, they’re called the C-suite.

When it comes to justifying our work, a bit of technical knowledge never goes amiss. You’ll find it far easier to explain why a certain design will improve user experience (UX), or how a certain website performs with search engine optimization (SEO), if you’ve dabbled in the actual coding that holds them together.

Building things make us more attuned to our own experience of them, and software is no different. Combine this with your own expertise in campaigns and strategy, and you’ll be able to convincingly prove the rationale for your work in even the most hostile arena.

Use schema markup for more organic traffic

Structured data markup is a great way to make your website easier to understand for Google and other search engines. There are plenty of options to annotate your content and improve the way your website looks in search results: highlight your articles and events, or add your logo to the knowledge graph, etc.

The simplest option to do this is using JSON-LD markup (means JavaScript Object Notation – Linked Data). Creating a short snippet of code, a script, in this case, will take you just a few minutes and can have a substantial impact on the click-through rate and the amount of organic traffic for your website.

To A/B Test, Marketers Should Know HTML and CSS

A/B testing is not just for website homepages – blogs and internal company pages can be A/B tested to test effectiveness and conversion.  While this task may fall to the developers on the team, it’s more effective to have it handled by the marketers, as they have an understanding of the customer and where/why they will click on certain parts of the website.  In order to move a “Contact” button or social share button around, marketers will need to understand HTML to move it and CSS to make it look nice.

Make Good with the Development Team

A common point of friction between marketers and developers is that marketers don’t know what’s possible with code and what’s not. By understanding what goes into coding various types of marketing collateral, your asks will become a lot more realistic and you’ll be able to better understand the scope of technical projects. Even if you’re working with in-house developers, understanding what you’re asking for can significantly reduce misunderstanding, ease interdepartmental friction and create a better overall team.


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