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Microsoft Windows 10 S can be installed on any PC using this

As Microsoft has released their latest windows 10S and now the company looking enthusiast Insiders to test the windows 10 S in order have a user-friendly operating system.There is a catch, however. Only users of Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise versions can avail this new option, the company said in a note. Installing Windows 10 S from this tool will also replace the existing operating system on their machines, it added.

Microsoft has gradually opened Windows 10 S up for testers since its initial debut. Prior to this, developers and school IT administrators could install Windows 10 S on their existing hardware with a convenient installer. Insiders can also use a simple installer to set up a clean install of Windows 10 S.

Do note that this will only work with machines that are already running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise editions. Keep in mind that this will wipe your current install, but you’ll be able to opt into receiving Insider builds once Windows 10 S is installed.

Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s newest attempt to bolster the security on its desktop operating system, in the context of educational and other institutions. Windows 10 S users cannot install applications from unauthorized sources and have to rely completely on the set of apps available through Windows 10 S app store. This prevents them from sideloading apps, a restriction that has proven beneficial from the security standpoint.


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