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Top 5 Youtube Channels To Learn Programming


With so many high-quality resources all over the internet, it has never been easier to learn how to program. One of the best sources of tutorials is YouTube – it offers an abundance of channels aimed at those who want to learn about coding


On thenewboston, you will find more than 4,200 videos that are followed by over a million subscribers. TheNewBoston is arguably the single best resource for anyone who wants to become a software developer. The tutorials cover a range of different programming topics including developing for android and design. Bucky Roberts teaches the lessons using a teaching style best described as simple and entertaining. His coding tutorials are easy enough for almost anyone of any age to grasp. TheNewBoston is perfect for younger learners and for those who are completely new to programming.


This is the official YouTube home of Team Treehouse is a learning resource established with the mission of providing affordable education in technology. Teamtreehouse offers lessons on numerous topics including coding in Python and C#. The videos are delivered in a casual and easy-to-understand style by a variety of presenters. The channel’s content also includes the Treehouse Show, which is a roundup of web development and programming news along with helpful tips and interviews. Treehouse has over 95 videos and more than 83,000 subscribers.

Derek Banas

Derek Banas’ YouTube channel is famous among programmers for “Programming language in a single video “series. This series explains a particular programming language in a single video in relatively layman terms so anyone including vernacular students can understand. videos like Learn the JavaScript in 30 minutes, Learn the Ruby Programming Language in One Video. He explains a wide range of programming topics with content that includes thorough guides on PHP, along with MySQL and Java. Banas has uploaded over 743 videos and has more than 450,000 subscribers.

LearnCode.Academy is a great YouTube channel for anyone who wishes to learn JavaScript and Web designing. The channel has great tutorials on topics like jQuery and JavaScript. The YouTube channel is managed by Will Stern with good tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sublime Text, CSS Layouts, Responsive Design, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Docker, Dev Ops, Server Administration, Deployment Strategies among others. has 111 videos and over 193,000 subscribers. is one of the top resources to learn programming as it has 111 videos and over 193,000 subscribers.


To teach is to learn, that is the idea behind kudvenkat channel. The channel covers ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, AJAX, WCF, JQuery, SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS. If you are interested in Microsoft.NET technologies, this is also the place to go to and start learning.

Here you can find a large variety of detailed and comprehensive, yet simple lessons about every segment in Angular 2 and Java.

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