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React Native vs Ionic which is better A detailed comparison

In this competitive world clients expect quality and at the same time they are trying to save money and time After all, the clients are paying the company so they want to make sure their finances are spent efficiently. In the IT world, with an overwhelming amount of companies constantly popping up, competition is everything and one has to come with a really good competitive advantage. It can be a cutting-edge technology that you use to optimize your processes and improve the delivery.

In this article, we will discuss the main differences between Ionic and React Native. Before starting the comparison, let’s talk about what native and hybrid apps are.


React native is a framework which is built on React JS. It is a powerful javascript library used for building dynamic user interfaces. React Native allows the users to build native Android and iOS apps in JavaScript, without actually requiring them to learn Java or Objective-C programming languages.



Ionic Framework is an ultimate open source software development kit (SDK), used for developing hybrid mobile applications with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Ionic mainly focused on the look, feel and UI interactions of an app.

React vs Ionic

The first criterion of comparison between Ionic and React Native is the plugin. Let’s start from Ionic. There is a high chance that a plugin which you need already exists, because Cordova and PhoneGap have been around for a while. They expose the native features for webview. Some plugins are available for React Native too.

A lot of plugins are already available on NPM for React Native. If some plugin does not fit your criteria then you can easily create a new one yourself.

Memory Usage

The next comparison is memory usage, which is a very significant factor, especially for low-end Android devices. We should try to keep the memory usage low as possible so that apps can run without any efforts on every device.

For memory usage comparison between Ionic and React Native on Android device, we use the next command “adb shell dumpsys meminfo”. For example, consider the Bus In Time app. After running the command above, we got the result.

Bus In Time app in Ionic Framework uses 84714 kB memory and React Native app uses 58585 kB memory. Therefore, the application will be run much faster on React Native.

File size

Ionic is a Cordova based app that wraps web app into a mobile app by using an android web view to render the app. React Native create a bridge between native components and JavaScript.

Back to The Bus In Time app. The Bus In Time app in React Native has the size of 8.22 MB and in Ionic is 2.88 MB. So, React Native app is quite big then Ionic app, but you can try to get the first one smaller using ProGuard (1-2 MB about).

Advantages of React native
  • React Native is a cross-platform framework, so it has many advantages like-
  • Cross-platform – it means you will write a code once use it to run for a different platform like- Android and iOS.
  • Declarative style – This feature has made UI designing in React easy and fast.
  • Quick development- As it is written once and use on a different platform, you write code for all platform at a time means you will save your developing type for different platforms.
  • Easy and Live Reloading – Testing is done every time when some change is made in the code written will reflect live in the mobile screen. With React Native, it removes the need of recompilation of the application each time a change has been made.
Advantages of Ionic
  • open source
  • code once, run on all mobile devices
  • one programming language for all mobile OSes
  • Design, Ionic takes care of design and follows platform guidelines, meaning that apps have different look & feel depending on the platform they are running.
  • good availability of “plugins”

It’s hard to speak about which tool is the best as different people have different opinions. So the choice of the tool depends on the project and the developer’s preferences. This article is nothing more than our experience and observations and we hope it will help you.

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