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Best Smartphone Photography Tips to take Better Photo

These days we’ve pretty much all got a decent camera on our smart phones, and we’re quite happy snapping away and then being able to post our pics immediately to Facebook, or download them to Dropbox, or even to email them. Mobile photography is very convenient, not just because you have instant connectivity for your pictures, but also because it means that you don’t need to carry a digital camera around with you at all times. And the good news is that mobile cameras are improving all the time, there’s no need to worry about picture quality with some of the today’s top phones.

1.Set The Focus

The most important thing to look out for when taking a photo is to make sure that your subject is in sharp focus. To set the focus on the iPhone camera you simply tap the screen where your subject is in the frame. A small yellow square will appear to confirm the focus point.

If your subject is moving around, make sure you tap the screen just before you take the shot to ensure that they are in focus.

2.Get the Exposure Right


Your final image will always be better if you get the exposure right in-camera: this is just as true with a mobile camera as a DSLR. Even with all the great editing apps and filters available, exposure fundamentals remain the same. Get it right in-camera, then play with it afterward

3.Avoid Direct Sunlight

Another tip that applies to mobile phone photography, just as it does everywhere else, is to avoid direct sunlight. Don’t encourage your subject to stand directly facing the sun, as you’ll have harsh shadows and a poor image. Head into the brightest area of the shade to set up your composition, and you’ll be far more pleased with the result.

4.Pick a Better Camera App

This one applies more to iPhone users than Android users, but in any case, the goal is more control. There are a couple of standard choices in this category and any of them will treat you better than the stock camera app. I like Camera Awesome because it allows you to shoot in bursts and separates the AF lock from the exposure lock. It’s also free. Other apps like Camera+ have similar options for more controlled shooting.

5.Know your phone camera settings

First off, don’t rely on your phone’s default auto mode. Of course, tapping on where you want the phone to focus on will give you a sharper focus on the subject. However, you can improve the overall quality of your images by tweaking the other aspects in an image. Although different phones have different settings, most should be able to let you control the focus, exposure, white balance and ISO.

6.Never use the mobile zoom.

“It’s terrible and the first step to an unsuccessful image. If you want to get close, zoom with your feet! Get close and your images will improve.

7.Keep Still

Photography tips


The more steady your camera phone is when taking your shot the clearer your image will be. This is especially important in low light situations where the camera will select longer shutter speeds to compensate for the lack of light.

8.Keep Your Lens Clean

One of the challenges with many camera phones is keeping them maintained and clean. From time to time clean the lens of your camera using a soft cloth (sunglasses cleaning cloths are great).

9.Use the highest resolution possible on your camera phone

Some phones allow you to choose what resolution you want to take photos at. It almost goes without saying (but we like to state the bleeding obvious) that the higher your resolution the clearer your shot will be.

10.Avoid flash.

Natural lighting always beats artificial lighting. Flash can create weird tones, red eye, and over-exposures.


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