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Snapchat’s new bitmoji animated feature is impressive to watch out for!

Snapchat’s new bitmoji brings changes to the way your Bitmoji looks connects with reality.The 3D Bitmoji animations are based directly on models you’ve already created using the Snapchat app. You can superimpose your Bitmoji avatar onto whatever environment you are looking at through the app’s camera. 3D Bitmojis are available to Snapchatters globally on iOS and Android––so long as they’ve created a bitmoji and have their Bitmoji app linked to Snapchat!

3D World Lenses of words and objects were first launched in April 2017. And, since releasing Lenses for the first time almost two years ago, the product has evolved steadily — Snapchat has animated your face, the sky, created games, painted your hair and more.

To begin with this new creative feature, the user has to position the smartphone camera in the rear mode and not selfie mode. Since the Bitmoji is linked to the app, an animated version appears on the left hand corner of the app.

Snapsshot Screenshot

Keeping the camera in the rear mode, the user can select filters available at the bottom. The 3D animated avatar appears only for select filters and not for all. Basically wherever there is a need for facial recognition, it does not appear.

Snapchat’s new bitmoji is playful, personal extension of you. Bitmojis add even more personality, emotion and expression to the conversations our community is having every day on Snapchat, and around the web.

When the iPhone X launches in November it will bring with it the new Animoji feature in iMessage that lets you record expressions and voices to a dozen emoji characters. At Apple’s keynote they also demonstrated some advanced mask filters that are coming to Snapchat on the new iPhone this year.

If Snap can keep user base then it could certainly dent Instagram and other competitors from causing a dent to its market. Either way, it’s the consumers that are to benefit from such competition.


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