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Top 5 Apps to Learn Programming

As more and more business shift online, coding became one of the essential skills. If you want to be part of the digital world today, it is important to learn the basics of coding.Luckily, there are plenty of great apps now that can really help you learn to code very fast.

To become a good programmer, you must learn and practice a programming language by yourself. First, start with basics. Once you’ve mastered the basic concepts, you must proceed to advanced topics. Then, you must design and write programs on your own.

Here I have Listed the Top 5 Android  Apps to learn Programming


SoloLearn is not just one simple app, but a series of apps each designed for a specific programming language. This series of apps are highly rated on Google Play and the App Store because of their dynamics and the simple way they teach the basics of coding.


Treehouse is the best way to learn technology. Learn web design with HTML & CSS, mobile development through coding Android apps with Java and iPhone apps with Swift & Objective-C, web development with Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python, and business skills.


Udacity is an app and program that compared to other coding apps offers a more intensive way of learn programming. Using this app, you have the opportunity to choose whether you are interested in learning HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python or something else.


Encode is an awesome coding app for beginners. The interactive code editor is powered by JavaScript, one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Although at first it looks very basic, it actually provides in-depth insights into coding.



Udemy is the best app for learning Programming. Udemy has got more than 60k courses which cover all the topics including web development, Hacking, Android Development and much more. I recommend Udemy App which offer All most all the courses with big discounts monthly


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