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The Biggest Taxi Network UBER Startup story

Few are those companies who  blow you away and make a wonder how a business can be so cool and so awesome we had Facebook, Apple, and Tesla and then we had a company whose sole intention was to make transport Easy and efficient well traveling with in the world’s busiest cities is always a hassle to those of us who do not own a vehicle of our their own public transport is often unsuitable in terms of comfort and privacy.




However, there is one company that is trying its best to overcome this hurdle. This is the company which is not just ensured hassle free travel but also made sure that it is Economical and Luxurious. Today we are talking about the biggest Taxi network company UBER which is the brain child of Travis and Garrett. The story of UBER takes us back to 2008. When Travis and Garrett were attending Lee Web conference in Paris. Travis and Garrett like all pads were complaining about the many crappy things we all had to deal with life including finding the cab when we are the pad with luggage and no taxi seems to pass by.

While these UBER kids were already thinking about t find the solution to finding cars at the right time and the right place after the conference the entrepreneurs went in their separate ways but Garrett returned to San Francisco and continued to be fixated on the idea and bought the domain name UBERCAB.COM.

Till 2009 Garrett was still the CEO of Stumble Upon and he began working on a prototype for UBERCAB as a side project. Garrett took the lead with couple of ideas prototyping several solutions engineering mobile app for the iPhone that would revolutionize the very idea of getting around eventually the idea was for the time share vivo service that could be ordered via App it did not take long before Travis join the right to work with him as the chief incubator the service was tested in New York in early 2010 using only three cars and the official launch to place in San Francisco later in May


UBER in road


Ryan Graves who was UBER’s general manager and important figure in the early stages of the company. Became CEO of UBER in August 2010 later in December 2010 Travis took over as a CEO while Ryan assumed the role of COO and the board member.

Well with a just few cars and fewer people knowing about the Startup at the time. UBER  went on to a big hit soon after San Francisco joined a host UBER and since then there is no stopping magnificent idea as it is just been growing exponentially till date. The simplicity of booking a car raid went on to rise in popularity with a tap of a button and GPS should automatically identify a location which should be conveyed to the driver through the app this system widely accepted by people a later number of people started using UBER.

Later in October 2010 the company received its major funding of $1.25 million led by first ground capital as in the same month UBER received a notice from the San Francisco municipal transportation of the main issue cited was use of the word cab in uber cab’s name and he removed the word can from the company name and he later bought domain. He went to meet the cities municipal transportation agency and explained that UBER was not a taxi company instead there was a portal of technology service to independent drivers.

Expansion of UBER


Expansion of uber


Uber began its widespread expansion using various ways of mediums and of their strategy was surge pricing policy which meant to lower the prices when the demand is low and increase it when demand goes high, however, this strategy immense criticism from every angle.

Starting in May 2011 the company began expanding into new cities every month across the United States by the year end. They began expanding internationally as well. The first foreign company launch was in France Where they launch in Paris around the same time they also closed the $32 million series led by Menlo, Amazon and Goldman Sachs after almost two years branching its services to more cities and implement series off new campaigns and projects and company launched its services in India and Africa.




The google ventures invested a whopping $258 million into the company as part of funding ground. As UBER grow internationally it also began experiencing disputes from governments, taxi company, competitors. Many cities have also ask for a complete shutdown of the service but Travis being the new and improvised version successfully managed to make his whenever there is an obstacle. He also launched UBER chopper, UBER pool UBER rush UBER essentials and uber fresh to different cities of the world.

The eight-year-old company has rocketed to become the highest valued start-up company in the world valued by investors at $69 billion t exceeds the market cap like Ford, Tesla today Travis has single handily managed to royally grow his business empire and by defeating his competitors n almost every country that UBER operates it.

The Biggest Taxi Network UBER Startup story
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The Biggest Taxi Network UBER Startup story
Few are those companies who blow you away and make a wonder how a business can be so cool.Today we are talking about the biggest Taxi network company UBER
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