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USB 3.2 will be Twice as Fast for the transfer of data

The new USB 3.2 which allows the user to transfer data at a faster pace. Data transfer from a smartphone to PC or between them and a hard drive is likely to get a lot faster in the next few months.

The current USB standard — USB 3.1 — only carries data at 10 gigabits per second. While that was good news when the technology was adopted globally in 2013, it feels a little dated, not to mention a bit slow.

The latest version, USB 3.2, doubles the already impressive 10Gbps maximum data rate of USB 3.1 by adding the option for manufacturers to spec up double lane operation — two simultaneous and equally fast data streams, as long as the devices on both ends of the cable are able to support those speeds.

If you’re getting confused, think of USB Type C as the physical connector you find on specific phones (like the OnePlus 2, 3, till 5) and its charging cable. USB 3.2 is the technology inside the cable’s wires which will receive a digital upgrade, through new devices that launch with its specifications in the coming year or so.

The ‘planned formal release’ of USB 3.2 should be September this year However, the good news is that all existing USB Type-C cables will work just fine.

Devices with the new USB standard can be expected from next year onwards. There’s no news yet on USB 3.2’s power charging capabilities — since USB Type C is getting adopted rapidly across smartphones and laptops. USB-C is the future of the market.


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