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Most Useful Video Websites provide useful information

Video training is another area where online resources are vast – vast enough to provide useful information | , So where do fans of video go to stay up to date, learn about the latest and greatest tools of the trade, and buy products without spending too much?

So let’s have a look at some of the video websites provide useful information

Pro Video Coalition 

Pro Video Coalition is an online resource for those looking to use professional equipment, employ professional techniques, and basically make a great quality video.

That’s not to say that the rest of us can’t benefit from this website. Quite the opposite, in fact. PVC’s team of experts delivers a massive wealth of valuable information about everything from drones to iPhones.

Red Shark News 

Red Shark News is another excellent resource for news, reviews and more. Peppered with fun, lighthearted articles, and catering to video enthusiasts of all levels, Red Shark News is a site that needs bookmarking.


One of the “big two” video equipment retailers, Adorama features massive inventory, deals on refurbished items and a handful of brands exclusive to them. Hammer & Anvil mics, 24/7 bags, and Flashpoint lights are just a few of the Adorama brands offering good quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of larger brands.

Premium Beat

Those of us who make video need music. Music can improve video in many ways, and Premium Beat offers a massive library of high quality, royalty free tracks at reasonable prices. One of the most read video production blogs on the internet doesn’t hurt their case, either.


Video review and approval experts, Wipster, has added a handful of tools to add value to their web experience, including a blog that covers a plethora of topics not directly related to their own offering. Learn to edit, shoot, and operate a business, all without a hard sell.


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