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Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Top 10 features

Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Top 10 features

Microsoft has rolled out its major update to Windows 10 update yesterday. It’s available to download right now and will start distribution on Windows Update on May 8th.



windows timeline

The most awaited feature of Microsoft windows Timeline adds a new dimension to the Windows task switcher (the one shown when you press Win+Tab or click the “Task view” button on the taskbar): specifically, time. The default view when you first enter the switcher is the same as it ever was, showing all the windows you have open so that you can instantly pick between them. But it now has a scrollbar. Scroll the screen down to see the history of documents, tabs .. etc




Windows already had a variety of dictation tools but Microsoft is creating a quick access to dictation tools, User can access dictation tools by pressing  win+H keyboard shortcut. It works well if you have a good mic.



Recently Chrome has added Tab Muting feature, and now Microsoft is moving a step ahead by adding  Tab muting and Progressive Web Apps feature.This could improve the Windows 10 app situation, and we’re expecting to hear a lot more about PWAs for Windows 10 at Microsoft’s Build conference in May.



Scaling desktop apps has always been an issue in Windows, but this latest April 2018 Update is trying to make blurry apps a thing of the past. Windows 10 will now detect if an app is blurry because of a monitor change or if you dock a laptop, and it will attempt to scale it better to stop apps from scaling too small or becoming blurry





Microsoft’s virtual assistant gets some new powers with the April 2018 update. It will now suggest tasks you might want to resume from previous devices, tapping into the Timeline feature. Support for some smart home appliances has also been rolled out, including Google’s Nest thermostat, and natural language voice control for third-party apps such as Spotify is also being added.




Focus Assist



Focus Assist is a beefed-up version of Do Not Disturb. Focus Assist can be turned on manually or set it up on a schedule, and it’ll block notifications and other distractions until you’re done. In the end, it’ll provide a summary of what happened while you were doing whatever it was you were doing.

Like a Do Not Disturb mode you can whitelist certain people so that you have access to their emails and messages even when you’re trying to concentrate.

How to install windows 10 update right now


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