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YouTube Introduces Thumbnail Preview

Finally, YouTube has added the most awaited Thumbnail feature to its Desktop website. Users can have a 3-second video preview of the video by simply a hovering a mouse pointer on that video. Right now this feature works only for a desktop website with Chrome and opera.

As far as the eligibility for videos thumbnails is concerned, the video must be more than 30 Seconds and the live video does not feature a thumbnail preview.

The preview of the thumbnail is taken from the first half of the video since the first half of a video gives the idea of the whole video. YouTube is using AI to generate previews for videos by taking into account factors such as topic and content of the video

YouTube said, “We wanted to share a short review without spoiling too much of the video.”Unfortunately, this probably won’t stop the clickbaiters for long. As the last line in YouTube’s support post says, “Currently, creators are not able to select the preview that is shown.” The “currently” part states that YouTube might allow content creators to set their own previews for thumbnails later on.

Can’t wait to see that being abused, then. When asked on Twitter why a longer preview (for example, 7 seconds) was not used instead, YouTube said: “We wanted to share a short preview without spoiling too much of the video.”

YouTube had launched a new app called YouTube Go with an intention to save data specifically for India. This app shows the preview of a video letting users decide if they want to watch a video before actually opening it and streaming it



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